Made by the full moon light beside my powerful crystal balls these are made with magick. This is a unique batch due to the vintage stone charm pieces I have sat on top of each candle. These are full of positive calming energy as well as 8oz of slow burning high grade soy wax, rose petals, sage, crystals and extra amounts of natural lavender, rose and blood orange fragrance oils. A goodwill wind and moon spell to release stress from  your life. Pluck off your charged charm, touch it to your skin, pluck off the other crystals or leave them in the candle. Light the candle and enjoy the aroma while you close your eyes, breath in and indulge in a moment of traveling to a place outside of every day stressors. Breathe in and breathe out. I often astral project to such places as Sedona, Arizona. Finding a waterfall in the moonlight. Such ease. 

The picture is the actual candle you will be getting. I only have 3 for sale on my site. :)


GlumDrop Vampire



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Wind Spell & Apricot Pink Agate Charm