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Collectibles - Antiques - Oddities


2 PM to 8pm Wednesday to Sunday

5435 South Tacoma Way

Take A Walk Through The Shop

Welcome to My World! Art Gallery! Horror Collectors Paradise! Witchy Stuff. Gems and Jewelry. Vintage and Antique Vampire Boutique. Music & Gear. 70's, 80's, 90's Goth, Punk and Glam have a special place in my heart so you will find it here. Also, home to Charlie's private music, art and photography studio - Digital Dolly Music Studio. Watch and Clock Repairs. A place full of wonderful and unique items. Horror, Wacky, Tacky and strange delights! Rare creepy oddities, collectables and memories. The Happiest place In Tacoma! Stay Scary and Be well. :)

Charlie Drown

GlumDrop Vampire


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