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Welcome to my one-of-a-kind shop!

As a collector of all things vintage, antique, and odd, I have spent years hand selecting and curating items to display in my shop. I like to describe it as what you would get if everything in my head exploded onto the walls, floors, and shelves. While not everything is for sale, I have created a playful space to visit and explore. Currently located in South Tacoma, Washington, I am planning to relocate my shop to a beautiful converted commercial building in Erie, PA in 2026. This building, a hauntingly beautiful brick structure from 1885, suits my needs perfectly. I look forward to having my shop be a year-round attraction in Erie and to taking leisurely walks with my dog, Siren, to the nearby lake to do some fishing. The new building will also provide an ideal setting to host a haunted Bed and Breakfast, as well as ghost tours and light music events.

As a musician and recording artist, I am frequently playing instruments or working on new music, so I keep the shop door locked while I am in the studio. Visitors can simply ring the bell, and I will be there to let them in. My shop has many rooms, each with its own unique theme for your exploration and enjoyment. You can browse through every drawer and cabinet, try on clothing, and find that special treasure that speaks to you.

I do not offer a wide selection of items in my online store, as I prefer not to ship fragile or bulky items. However, I occasionally offer my extensive collections of vintage jewelry, WWF, and Pokemon trading cards, as well as my music merchandise. Check it out!

At my shop, everyone is welcome. Children, even those who are a bit grabby, are free to explore and enjoy the magic of GlumDrop, a safe space created for all who visit.

This move to Erie is a huge step for me, and I am open to serious inquiries from those who may be interested in purchasing my shop in Tacoma. Please note, however, all inquiries must be made in-person.

Thank you for considering GlumDrop, and I look forward to welcoming you to my shop.

GlumDrop Vampire


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