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GlumDrop is an in person experience rather than an online shopping wharehouse. Full of collectables, oddities and antiques. Designed with themed rooms, it can feel like a walk through a Disneyesque DarkSide. Art gallery, museum, occult specialties and memorabilia showplace living in a unique music studio lobby. 

You could spend a week inside and still have more left to see. Inventory is replenished and changed often so as not to get boring. A perfect place to find that unique gift you are looking for. Treating yourself? I guarantee there is an item for you here. A little something from the past brought back to life through you.

There are random items for sale on this website that will suffer no damage being shipped. If you see something in the social feed you want shipped, just ask.



5435 South Tacoma Way
Wednesday to Sunday
4pm to 10pm

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