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Occult Energy Healing, Parapsychology & Fascia Healing

Immerse yourself in knowledge and love.
Steady yourself.
Release old bonds.
Do what you will.

$100 donation per hour
In person or video conference
By appointment only

I am an adept occultist, thelemic, left hand path practitioner. I go all ways in the realms of magick. I assume the responsibility of freeing others from crushing and negative energy they have picked up over lifetimes. I am fully protected to dismiss and evict these energies. Befriending and understanding entities to help them move on to other adventures, handling traumatic memories and repairing the damage done by spiritual breaks and bonds. The body needs Fascia healing... An esoteric flossing to help the body and protective energies survival systems to release you. Thus, freeing you to be your true wonderful self. Let me be your guide to becoming the creator and successful being your are.



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